Monday, November 30, 2015

Instagram Life – November 2015

November went by so fast! Since a good part of the month was above average temperatures, it didn’t even feel like a month that leads into Winter. It just felt like an extension of early Fall. I liked it and hope the mild weather is a preview of what’s to come this Winter. November was great. I was gone every weekend, but I enjoyed every moment of live music, every second relaxing on a girls day, and every memory shared with family for my two thanksgiving weekends!

** Attended a jb and me blogger event in Holland
** Saw City and Colour at Metro Chicago
** #bloggingbusinessandbalance webinar
** Got my Christmas shopping on at the new outlet!
** Finally visited Le Bon Macaron… worth the wait!
** Wine Club #18 was a success
** Short visit with my sister but I loved every second of it! We had a potluck at Trail Point!
** Surprise! Celebrated Leann’s start to her 30th year and officially being a certified architect!
** Christmas cookie game strong at in Kazoo

December is here! The last month of 2015… I’m sad that the rumors are true, that time does go by faster and faster every year you get older… but I’m also so looking forward to this month and everything that 2016 already has in store for life. Bring on the holidays and the New Year! I’m ready for a fresh start… 


  1. Sis, you may have convinced me with the champagne link! I ONLY have champs in my fridge when I know you're coming. I might be re-thinking that...xo + cheers!

    1. I'm trying to make it a worldwide movement :)