Thursday, December 3, 2015

Friday Five!

{Amazing gingerbread house c/o Otis Spunkmeyer}

Even though I battled a bug (again!) this week it didn’t kill my spirits! This week was crazy all around, but now that it’s December, it seems we can chalk all non-work related busyness up to the holiday season…. And the holidays make everything better! Constant errands are less daunting when they are preparing for festivities! Specifically the last couple of evenings have been spent vigorously preparing for Jen and Matt’s couples baby shower I’m throwing them tomorrow afternoon! Yay!

One party + Christmas cookie overdose + Big Ten football championship game = fun filled weekend.  

{aftermath of our Christmas card photo shoot}

{Black Friday steal! Be sure to follow this Insta account… it’s one of my favorites!}

{the Home Office got the December memo and is feelin’ the holiday love}

{trying this new thing where I actually LEARN how to do makeup… this nice little brush set is a good start}

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