Friday, December 11, 2015

Friday Five!

{the new Mindy book and salted caramel hot cocoa}

This week seemed slow. For some reason Max and I are both still battling this bug so the nights were full of coughing and sneezing, and the days were full of… well coughing and sneezing. I guess this one will just take time but at least we’re in it together!

This weekend is the GFS Annual Meeting, quite honestly a weekend I look forward to all year! Can’t wait to sit back, relax, and celebrate my teams accomplishments for 2015! Also can’t wait to see who this year’s musical act is… two years ago was Switchfoot , last year was Lifehouse… who will be the star of 2015?! 

Friday Forte:

{apparently I’m drawn to holiday themed hunter colors… nice little family of boots I have going}

{holiday shoes on point this year}

{thoughtful thank you gift from a co-worker}

{finished up my holiday shopping and loving on the Trans Siberian Orchestra type feel the mall was having with these blinking string lights!}

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