Friday, December 11, 2015

A Couples Baby Shower!

This past weekend we hosted Jenny & Matt’s couples baby shower at our house! I was extremely nervous because the guest list was wedding size to say the least (rounded out to close to 125 once I was told more invited beyond the e-vite haha), but not each couple was able to come (phew!) and it was more of an open house, which means people came and went throughout the day. We were extra lucky that the weekend was GORGEOUS and there was a constant flow of people playing games outside as well. It actually turned out to be a great (but not overwhelming) flow of people throughout the day showering the parents to be with their love!

This wasn’t a normal baby shower. It was a party where people brought food and drinks and themselves (and of course presents for Jenny and Matt). Besides the chili cook-off, there were no real games… nothing formal at all besides announcing the winner of the chili (Max got second). The day was actually GREAT! Everyone loved our home and the hospitality. The girls loved talking girly stuff while the boys loved watching sports on multiple TV’s throughout the house, playing darts and “assisting” Maxey at the smoker outside.

I am so happy for Jenny & Matt and can’t wait to meet the little one in February! 

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