Monday, December 28, 2015


This year was full of so much! While there are a few things I absolutely plan on making better in 2016, for the most part 2015 was the most adventurous, best year of my life! I traveled more than I ever have, my friends had babies, my friends got married, and I am happier at work than I have been in years!

There is no such thing as a perfect year, but it doesn’t mean I don’t try to start one come January. 

Just like 2012, 2013 and 2014, lots of pics coming your way.  

{Attended the opening of a family friends' brewery... MJ's baby shower!}




{attended MSU football game opener against Western in Kalamazoo with family & friends!}

{welcome to the world Baby Aven!}

{Greensky Bluegrass at the Intersection... Flight overseas with Mom!}

{attended an Evans Scholar Alum event with some oldies but goodies!}

{ArtPrize with the soon-to-be-mama!}

{celebrated my sister-in-law's 30th in St. Joe!}

{seeking refuge at local establishments to pass the time on Valentines Day... traveled to the East Side of Michigan for Alisa's Bridal Shower}

{Marco Island vacay with the Fam!}

{watched live as MSU miraculously won our rival game this year!} 

{birthday bar crawl on Michigan Street for the boy's 28th}

{traveled to Tampa for our Florida Food Show}

{New York with the gym ladies... this trip was beyond words amazing}

{attended multiple blogger events this year.... the one at jb and me was my favorite event to date!}

{Kentucky Derby Party at Kalamazoo Country Club... CITY AND COLOUR in Chicago!} 

{Tulip Festival in Holland}

{2015 was for landscaping}

{had a great 29th boating with this guy}

{Sissy visits are my favorite visits}

{LANDSCAPING... showered Jenny & Matt with love at our home}

{Sara & Will got married!}

{GFS Annual Meeting}

{4th of July on spent on Gun Lake, as it should be}

{hosted Sangria themed wine club at mi casa (check out those lights!)}

{attended an architectural boat tour in Chicago... AMAZING!} 

{saw Secondhand Serenade at The Stache downtown GR}

{showered my cousin with love at her Baby Shower prior to welcoming baby Case}

{took in the Zoo and rode on animals!}

{Runway on Wealthy blogger event!}

{started Kayla Itsines BBG workout plan and it has changed my life}

{spend a weekend in Chicago at the NRA convention and took in a Cubs game with co-workers}

{Sara's Bridal Shower with my favs}

{Christmas Card Photo Shoot 2015}

{celebrated 2 years of marriage... this guy is absolutely everything to me}

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  1. Dang. 2015 is going to be hard to top! Maybe more sissy visits ;) Happy New Year, sis! xo