Monday, December 21, 2015

Holiday Wine Club 2015 & Cranberry Jalapeno Salsa

For the second year in a row I brought this dish to the holiday Wine Club. And for the second year in a row it got raaaaaaave reviews! I’m not kidding, peeps love this little relish/salsa thing. I used the Southern Living recipe (both years), but with the addition of some cracked black pepper and a tablespoon of honey. I also used double the jalapeno and more green onion than the recipe called for. And for my own personal touch, I like to serve with Lime Tostidos as opposed to the original. It gives it an extra little somethin’ somethin’! And who doesn’t love Lime Tostidos…?!

The best part… This year I MADE IT MYSELF! Obviously Max was there supervising (and showing me how to improve my knife skills), but it was still all my doing. I might not have won the holiday wine club like I did last year, but if there was a best dish award, I would like to think I was in the running J


{we busted out the selfie stick!}

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