Sunday, November 15, 2015

New York – Part I

Ahhhhhh New York. Where do I start with New York. It takes my breath away. It’s magical. It’s inspiring. It’s... Everything. 

The 4 day weekend in the Big Apple may have been one of the best trips (in the States) ever. It was a perfect combination of busy sightseeing, relaxing strolls through the park, and catching up with my best girls. We had nights where we played Cards Against Humanity while eating cheese and crackers in Laura’s Central Park West high rise, then there were nights where we took in a Broadway show (CHICAGO!) followed by a night on the town. There were days where we checked multiple sightseeing landmarks off the list, and days where we simply caught up over champagne in Central Park. It was perfect. 

There were A LOT of photos taken on this trip, so this is Part 1 of 2. Enjoy!

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