Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Five!

                                                                                            {team sushi lunch!}

Happy March (and Happy Birthday to my future Father-in-Law)!

Active for Life started this week (which means nothing more than GFS Fit Club’s daily workouts are part of a company wide contest for anyone who would like to participate… we got this in the bag!). 

This weekend is dedicated to my gymnast ladies! Tomorrow I am hitting the road with my girl, Jenny, to meet up with Laura in her neck of the woods… the East Side of Michigan (during a Michigan vs. MSU weekend… in Ann Arbor… WOOF). Not really sure what our day will consist of, but no doubt there will be movie time, puppy chow time, wedding talk time (still can’t believe the 3 of us are engaged at once!!) and cocktail time most likely during  “story time” (our version of gossip and catch up with the happenings of life).

Here are 5 things that made me happy this week:

{yogi water bottle – I suddenly have the urge to go on a hike}

{massive napkin dispenser – the perks of where I work… already envisioning this in the man cave (or garage) in our future home}

{salted caramel latte – my Friday morning treat after an overwhelming week}

{Happy Hour! I was very happy to spend my happy hour with two of my favorite new people in the world! }

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