Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Motivators!

Short and sweet today. The weekend consisted 90% of work (8-5 on Saturday!) but I still managed to log 7.5 miles yesterday and soak up some fresh air and sun.

I also got to see my whole family on Face Time, so that alone will carry me through the week (I really miss them).

The following motivators are charging me up this last full week of March:

Got my yoga block in the mail, so now that 
I've nailed "half moon" (on one side), 
I'm working on perfecting this...

...and maybe this, too.

 I'm a huge National Geographic fan and was emailed their "Photo of the Month", which is on my desktop for a bit. He (she?) looks so calm. 
My dad says he looks like Jackson. 

This picture can be found on Nat. Geo's online gallery, but it's also in the most recent issue by mail. There's a whole feature on outdoor gardens. 
This is a cherry blossom garden in Japan. They're simply stunning. 

A friend is letting me borrow this book.  I'm going to skip the one I was about to start and squeeze this one in...I'll have to make the time; I heard this was an  incredible book. The story is narrated by a dog! 
How have I not read this yet?!

Will be finding some recipes that my new spices can enhance. 
Just got our order from The Spice House in Chicago.
 Hopefully I'll be posting some new dishes featuring these flavors very soon!

A four day work week didn't hurt anyone either! 
Thank you, long Easter weekend!  

Sending extra hugs and kisses to Granny & Grandpa!! 

I love you so much!!! Talk to you soon. xoxo.

Make it a fabulous week, everyone. 

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