Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday Motivators!

Other than St. Patrick's Day parades and festivities, I can't say this weekend was too eventful.  My husband and I simply enjoyed our dogs, the beautiful weather and each other.

I did knock out 10 miles of running in and 30 minutes of yoga, which is pretty impressive considering the amount of celebrating we did these past 2 days.

Feeling fit & refreshed, the following motivators are charging me up this Monday morning.

Starting an organization overhaul of our apartment by ridding 
myself of books I have no use for. 
I'll donate them to the local library so they don't take up extra space. 
The same will be done with kitchen items, clothes and dog toys.

Listening to this  new song on repeat. 

Field trip to City Park on Tuesday with all of the kids in my PK-2 division! 

Taking a personal day this Wednesday. 
I'll start the day with a long early morning run. 
Next, I'll get a coffee & a snack and read my book at a 
cafe I've been wanting to visit (shown above). 
The day will finish with a highlight & eyebrow wax by my favorite stylist
(and maybe a pedicure if I'm feeling really indulgent). 

This week as I practice yoga, I'll be working  hard to accomplish 
my goal of conquering half moon
[I just ordered a block to help me with this process.]
When I actually do it myself, I'll have my husband take a picture of me. 

After this week is complete, we'll only have 8 more weeks with students. 
What a year it's been! 

Everyone, make it a productive first week of spring! 

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