Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Circuit Training – Session 3

Woof… this one takes the cake (so far). Hardest one to date (for me cause I hate cardio… working on it).Threshold Multi-Sport made me sweat yet again (luckily I had no meetings in the afternoon).

Do each exercise for one minute, then move on to the next. Then repeat... 3-4 times... 

As always, brought to you by: 
Threshold Multi-Sport (LIKE on Facebook)

Ready… GO!

1. Jabs w. 5lb weights (50)

2. Tuck Knee Jumps (15)

3. Uppercuts w. 5lb weights (50)

4. Mason Twist (20)

5. Burpees (10)

6. Mini Suicides (10 feet-ish; not 50 yards)

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