Wednesday, January 20, 2016

What’s In My Bag - 2016 Edition

Since I haven’t done one of these for 3 years (almost exactly!), I thought it was about time I posted another installment of “What’s In My Bag?” I’m older now. A little more grown up. More mature perhaps? And definitely lead a more minimalistic life when it comes to my bag(s). I got sick of so much “stuff”. Not to mention my purse choices are shifting to smaller sizes, meaning I really need to be picky on the things I consider essentials and “have “to be with me at all times. Many of the things you see have been featured at one point or another in my Friday Five series, I guess that’s why they are in my purse on the reg… cause these few items are my favorite, most needed things to have with me wherever I go.

I no longer carry a planner! I KNOW crazy since I was planner OBSESSED for years and spent a good amount of money on one for 2016… but alas, the purse I bought in Paris didn’t leave much room after that planner was inside (I now use a planner from as a to-do list guide that I keep in my laptop bag for work). So for my personal to-do lists, I use a combination of Seize the Day and Wunderlist apps on my iPhone. They have been working wonders on getting stuff done (especially since that stupid red bubble stays there until everything on your list is done).

I also don’t currently waste any space with sunglasses, cause let’s be honest... it’s Winter in Michigan… but that space is now used for gloves! Gloves that were given to me by one of my most favorite retirees at work. They hold a special place in my heart...

What else is in my bag?!?!?
  •  Favorite FAVORITE portable charger. This thing charges long and fast. The best. Plus for under $10 I can have new covers created and sent to me in case I get bored of my black and white Europe photo’s (PSHHH like that’ll ever happen
  • Lucas Pawpaw Ointment. A friend brought this back from Australia a couple of years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since! I mostly use it on my lips, but you can use it on elbows, hands, etc. It’s a winter time god send!
  • Happy Pill bottle. This is an old bottle (that I’ve covered with stickers to make more appealing), but basically it’s my one-stop-shop drug store. I have everything I could ever need on the go in this little guy… extra strength Tylenol, ibuprofen, Midol, allergy meds, advil cold and sinus. All of it.
  • Granny’s gold change purse. I’ve been using this as my wallet 9 months or so and can’t seem to stop. Not only does it have sentimental value, but it’s so fun to the touch. It’s soft in a weird way and perfectly fits all I would need in my wallet. Even though it can get a little annoying trying to find my insurance card or something else that’s buried, I can’t bring myself to swap it out. 
  • Key chains of Europe. I’m not normally a keychain person, but I decided to buy a fun keychain from each place visited in Europe (and also on my New York trip this past Fall) and it’s just a fun reminder of many many great memories
  • Grapefruit Oil. A while back I read that grapefruit essential oil can be used as massage oil when you have joint or muscle pains and can also relieve menstrual cramp pains and headaches. I was having a particularly rough day and decided I would give it a try. I’m not sure if it actually works or if I just wanted it to work so bad that I believed it did, but for reason whenever I have a headache now I simply rub this oil on my temples and it makes me feel better… plus it’s super refreshing to smell
  • Misc things – purple pen, spare keys, headphones and Burt’s Bee’s Soothing chapstick. 

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