Sunday, January 31, 2016

City & Colour @ The Intersection

This was my third time seeing Dallas Green. It was his last night of the If I Go Before You tour. And it was in my home town. This night was WAS EVERYTHING! I know this has been something I’ve now posted on three times, so I’m sure the pictures are getting old (not to mention they are grainy), but to me, seeing my favorite band perform live, will never get old. I can’t get enough of the music, the atmosphere... and the pictures!

One of my girlfriends came up from Kazoo and we made an evening of it. We had dinner at Stella’s, pre drinks at Tin Can and an after party at a dive bar seeing a friends cover band to cap off the night. It was a great day and one that was greatly needed. I love weekends like this and hope they are not few and far between J

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