Monday, January 4, 2016

Instagram Life – December 2015

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Well that’s a wrap on 2015. You guys… December was great! Seriously, an amazing few weeks full of love and celebration! Each weekend bringing more to the table than the week before!

** Threw a really fun shower for the parents-to-be!
** Indulged A LOT this month! Worth every calorie…
** Holiday Wine Club is just the best…
** Froze our behinds off at Railtown Brewing’s Good Mooed Saturday 1-year anniversary celebration!
** A look inside our Christmas Photo Shoot to wish the Insta World Happy Holidays!
** Christmas Socks J
** Checked a few more breweries off our list… Final Gravity and Harmony Hall

Even though 2015 had SOOOOO many high’s, it also had its lows, and I could not be happier to have a fresh start in 2016! January, as per usual, is relatively low in plans as of right now, but it’s an extremely welcome change from the past few months! We’ve been going going GOING since July and I feel like we can finally breathe and live on our own terms, and not have so many obligations or plans. The month will still have its fun though! So far, we’re planning a quick weekend get-away to a ski resort and towards the end of the month I get to see City and Colour again!! Ahhhhh can’t wait! 

Bring on 2016.  

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