Saturday, January 16, 2016

Date Night – the Old Goat

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Max and I have fallen into a bit of a funk lately, between the holidays and the winter blues, and decided that we wanted to get back to exploring our city (yes, more me than him but it’s the actions that count!). So, with that being said, Max and I decided that we’re going to try (TRY being the operative word) to have one date night per week where we head out to a new place we’ve never been in Grand Rapids.

Last week we tried the Old Goat in Alger Heights (same owners as Electric Cheetah). This restaurant has been open since the summer and we’ve heard mixed reviews on it. Some say they love it and others say it was overpriced and left a little something to be desired. Max and I would agree that it was a tad overpriced, but also think the food was delicious. He got the Reuben (typical) and I decided to go for broke and get the grits with Andouille and fried rock shrimp. YUMMMMMM. The drinks were tasty and the biscuits were a nice little touch.

We’ll be back…

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