Friday, January 8, 2016

52 Hand Lettered – December Edition


“One thing to do next year” = think BIGGER
My New Year’s resolutions kind of explain what I mean by think bigger, but in a nutshell… just go for everything! Career… love… life… go for it all J

“The highlight of 2015” = the European adventure
Europe was hands down highlight of my year. I don’t know how it won’t be one of the highlights of my life…

“2015 in a nutshell” = live, love, learn
I know this word has come up in my #52handlettered this year a couple of times before, but that’s exactly why I am using it to sum up 2016. It was a year of travel for me. I traveled the world. I traveled with family and friends. And loved every second of it. I want this year to set the tone for the rest of my life. 

“Hopes/values/intentions for 2016” = grow

Similar thing to think BIGGER. Just grow. Grow in life. Grow in love. Continue to grow into the person I was put on this earth to be. 

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