Friday, January 8, 2016

Friday Five!

{circle place mats to spice up the kitchen}

Well it’s over... The first week of 2016, and to my pleasant surprise it went by faster than I expected (that work from home Wednesday is a real life saver!). New Year’s resolutions have been set and everyone is back in the groove of life. I was bumming hard on Monday and Tuesday but by Wednesday felt my spirits pick up and life slowly return to normal. 

This weekend I look forward to some sushi and some quality time. 

Friday Forte:

{pretty local art at Kitten Flower Boutique}

{slowly building a throw blanket collection that I’m obsessed with}

{prettiest of winter sunrises (from inside the offices)}

{love presents.... especially when they are for a job well done!}

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  1. Miss you! Love keeping up with your Friday Five's. :)