Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday Five!

{Tulip Festival date in Holland}

Weather is weird. It was a beautiful weekend followed by a slow decline of temperatures throughout the week. All leading up to tomorrow. The Riverbank Run. Not looking forward to it at all… it will be in the 30’s while I’m running and I’m the kinda girl that doesn’t like running below 55 degrees and sunshine. So this should be interesting! Although, assuming I make it out of my warm bed (since I skipped last year due to a monsoon I would REALLY like to make it this year), at least I’ll have the nice beer tent to look forward to J

Friday Forte:

{OBSESSED with this beach/farmers market/every day tote.... find out here if your city made the cut. These bags are for a great cause. Read the story here}

{beautiful egg frittata in the sunshine on Mothers Day}

{animal themed souvenirs from the wedding last weekend}

{Rosie sleeping in the cutest position}

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