Wednesday, May 25, 2016

30 Things about Turning 30

  1. Friday nights roll around and sitting on the couch sounds like more fun than going out
  2. The “oldies” station has started playing music from my childhood
  3. And AMC is playing your favorite movies)
  4. You can’t recover from party weekends like you used to
  5. Eye cream is a real (and necessary) thing
  6. Bedtime before dark is a common occurrence
  7. Casual hangs with your friends are no longer a thing… you have to “schedule” it
  8. Even more questions about when we’re going to kids… just ... stop.
  9. Even more pressure to work hard at that next promotion (cause you’re 30!)
  10. You get ridiculously excited about receiving SELF in the mail
  11. When 20-somethings find out your age they have that look in their eye…
  12. Sleeping in makes you feel guilty
  13. The muscle aches!!!
  14. You’re officially in the second third of your life
  15. You most likely have started filling your closet with more "investment pieces"
  16. You’re seen as an adult in the eyes of your older co-workers
  17. Most likely have a better understanding of who you are
  18. FOMO is starting to become less of a concern
  19. Going to bed at 8:00 pm is COMPLETELY allowed… and you **GASP** like it!
  20. 5 years away from being able to run for president (because declaring your candidacy is the cool thing to do these days?)
  21. You care more about what you put into your body.
  22. You no longer have to ”fake it until you make it”… you’ve most likely made it!
  23. And if you feel you have to fake it, you have established mentors there to help out
  24. The common “you made it!” response when people find out you’re 30 J
  25. You’re now “mature” so presentations should be a breeze (according to Courtney)
  26. You’d rather just hang with your cat… (or dogs) J
  27. You can wear a tutu to work on your birthday and really could care less if people stare…
  28. You really just care less in general about what people think of you... your decisions are your decisions... own them! :)
  29. You no longer take life for granted
  30. You’re officially in the second third of your life… let’s make it the best!!

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