Sunday, May 15, 2016

Windmill Island

Last week Max and I visited Holland for this year's Tulip Festival. Unfortunately, the really warm weekend followed by freezing temps and lots of rain killed off many of the plants before we could make it to the festival. Windmill Island is the place to go during the festival so it was our main priority. We took a detour for a quick beer and then decided to walk to the "island". After aimlessly wandering for half hour we finally stumbled upon the large windmill and headed straight for it. Even though it wasn't sunny and beautiful it was a really fun time meandering through the still colorful flowers. 

I love this festival. It's always the perfect way to feel like Summer is finally on it's way (even if the weather is not always cooperating). We had so much fun exploring the city and vowed to go earlier in the season next year :)

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