Tuesday, September 1, 2015

#MegAndMomTakeEurope – Blooper Edition

This post is later than I had hoped. The truth is I’ve had a hard time coming up with the words to a start my post series on Europe. It blew every single hope… expectation… dream… everything I could have imagined.

So, because of that, I am delaying the first official Europe post a little longer. I just need more time. Even if the posts aren’t eloquent, I’ve just got a huge case of writers block at the moment… so in the meantime, here are some outtakes, bloopers, selfies, or all around randomness,  of our travels that I might not have included in the series otherwise…


{my final farewell to Max from the States}

{selfie stick helper that insisted we take a selfie... plus the umbrella's... EVERYWHERE}

[graffiti found all over Venice}

{another selfie stick helper that wanted to take a selfie}

{sissy facetime sesh from Piazza San Marco}

{decided one morning to wear all of the bling}

{attempting the fancy look-off-in-the-distance-face while taking a selfie... it didn't work}

{mom saw someone artistic taking pictures of the trash... so she tried being artistic}

{fancy cat portraits.... everywhere}

{we shared popcorn & made friends}

{our Grand Canal tour driver who let me drive the boat but it was not documented...tear}

{mom's buddies}

{blurry jumping for joy our first 10 minutes in Paris}

{another local who wanted to take a selfie after letting them take a picture for us...}

{after visiting the home of Marie Antoinette, we now want to study everything about her}

{mom was sooooo afraid I was going to fall while looking over the pier in Barcelona}

{Aussies that were a little too friendly...}

That's all folks. Stay tuned for the good stuff!!

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  1. looks like you had a blast! I'm headed to London for 10 days (with a quick 2 day trip to Paris in there) and I'm so excited!

    xo, Maddy