Saturday, September 12, 2015

Venice Stole my Heart – Part II

Continuing the deets on Venice :)

Day 3
We shopped till we dropped on day 3. We didn’t actually buy that much this day, but we dedicated the entire morning to window shopping in every single upscale shop that Venice had to offer. Mom and I were both extremely surprised at the amount of designer shops in Venice. We didn’t know why this surprised me, but it did. There was a Chanel, Gucci and Rolex on every corner, but I must say my favorite was the Louie Vuitton store where I found my absolute, all time dream purse. If only it opened up into a small studio apartment maybe the price tag would have been worth it… sigggghhhhh. Once we realized the stores were just too rich for our blood we were suckered into a mid-day gondola ride. We had plans to go all along but both had intended for nighttime. The day time made complete sense at the time, so on we went. It was magical (and short), but magical nonetheless. The video’s I have don’t even do the cities beauty justice. After the ride we shopped, ate macaroons, and wandered along the Grand Canal (with Prosecco) until dinner time and evening to take its toll. Following a quick night capper at an absolutely adorable bar, it was nighty night!

Day 4
The last day in Venice was spent... you guessed it... walking and exploring. We walked and walked, and ate, and drank and walked (AND WALKED) until our Grand Canal tour later in the afternoon. Well first we did the tourist thing and let the birds fly onto our arms! This was fun! It was a little scary the first time their little peckers took to my hand, but I got used to it and loved the experience (honestly). But back to the Grand Canal tour… it was absolutely spectacular. We saw more of the city then we ever could have seen on foot. The tour guide was very difficult to understand, so I must say I didn’t retain anything she said about the monuments or anything else about the island. But I gotta tell ya, the view and memories were so worth it! Definitely a highlight of Venice! We had to be at the water taxi by 3:30 am the next morning to make or flight to Paris so we said goodnight to this magical city and called it an early evening.

I don’t know if each post will be this long, but I could just go on and on AND on about this trip. It was magical, and I can’t wait to share more!

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  1. Stop it with these pictures, Meg! So breathtaking! You are doing a great job of making us all feel like we were there! Keep them coming!! xoxo